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11-May-03, 17:57
I bought my kids a playstation 2 and all the disc's that r blue won't play!!

Do we have 2 set it or is there something wrong with the playstation?

Can any1 help me plz??

Mr P Cannop
11-May-03, 20:55
hi linzy222

where did you buy it from ??

11-May-03, 23:40
First.. In now way am I recommending this... (i.e. if it breaks anything, please don't blame me).

Apparently your problem is caused by the spin-speed of the blue discs and the fact that they rattle around inside PS2s...

There are some interesting suggestions for fixes in another message board...


including taking the PS2 to pieces or sticking tape in specific places on the disc...

Anyway, make of it what you will, but it seems that you certainly aren't alone in having problems with blue-backed discs on the PS2.

Good luck

13-May-03, 19:16
Thanx jjc i c what u mean lol

i'll give the tape thing a try!!

Thanx again

I'll let u know how i get on

14-May-03, 16:45
Let me know how you get on... it seems well dodgy, having to stick tape on your PS2 discs, but I'm intrigued.... :D

02-Jun-03, 11:15
If it's having problems playing Blue disks I wouldn't go pulling it apart, if it's still within it's warranty either return it to the Point of Sale, or if you've registered your PS2 then call the Playstation Helpline and they should be able to replace it!

Don't take the cover off it, as there is a black sticker on the back that as soon as you take it off it's marks it as void and you could fluff your warranty!

Hope this helps if you haven't had it sorted already hehe!

02-Jun-03, 11:34
Thanx THX1138 but we bought it 2nd hand

We haven't tried taking it apart yet either but i might phone the manufactura (spelt wrong but u know what i mean lol) and find out why its not playing blue disc's and what do we do!!

Does any1 have the number plz????

03-Jun-03, 00:09
This is the number for the PlayStation careline :- 08705 99 88 77

Address :-
Sony Computer Entertainment UK
PO BOX 2047

This is also under the address!

NOTE: Please do not write to, or E.mail us if you believe your PlayStation is in need of service. We are unable to arrange any service requirement other than through the Careline number above.

Sorry couldn't find the email addy, but you might want to give them a call!

03-Jun-03, 16:35
Thanx again i'll give them a try and i will let u know how i get on