View Full Version : Indian Take-Away

15-Mar-08, 18:43
My mate is getting an indian take-away from K2.....I'm pretty new to Indian food....so what would you recommend for someone who likes medium to mild dishes?

15-Mar-08, 18:49
Dupiaza (onion and pepper base)is medium, Korma is mild (quite creamy) or Sag is just plain delicious (probably medium) can you tell I have just this second ordered our tea!! we are off to the Taj Mahal though.

Enjoy what ever you have!

15-Mar-08, 18:52
Krishno Chura, a brilliant dish, similar to a Korma in style, but much much tastier, goes fantastically with their Coconut Rice.

15-Mar-08, 19:05
Rajashi if you like mango's. Very creamy. yumm!!

15-Mar-08, 20:04
Me and my mate went for Indian last night. We shared a lamb vindaloo and a chicken Karihi, mushroom rice and chapati. We also has a prawn puree. It was spicy but good. Best bet get a hot one, take it home, strip off and eat it. Bargain is if you have a cold it will be gone by morning[lol][lol]