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15-Mar-08, 10:47
My house has storage heating....was thinking of investing in oil-filled radiators...

Could anyone give the rough costs of storage heating and basically the low-down on Storage vs Oil-filled?

15-Mar-08, 11:17
Your best bet is the energy efficiency team at the cottage on Davidsons Lane. They will come and visit and give you a power-down for your computer, and some light bulbs and lots of good advice about energy saving. They also got a 20% discount for an elderly relative on future bills as he can not change his power company and has total heating whether he likes it or not. Well worth having them visit.

15-Mar-08, 11:42
Have you got a contact number for them? Also....whats a "power-down" might I ask? Cheers poppett!

15-Mar-08, 13:50
Rob, I can't really answer your question but I've had storage heating and had to pump money into the meter, they cost a fortune to run. I found that the heat came out during the day when I was at work as well but someone told me you can set them for the heat to come out at night but I could never grasp how to do it, so if you can find someone to show you that might help. Don't know about oil filled heaters but you get halogen heaters that are very good, they are quite cheap to buy, Whatsit's were selling them for about 12.99, they give off a good heat.

Penelope Pitstop
15-Mar-08, 14:19
I've got a few of oil filled radiators. DeLonghi Dragon (about 36) and one from Homebase (about 20). I think they are really good. They can be run on heat settings of 1kw or 2kw per hr. They also have thermostat so they click off when up to temp. DeLonghi also has a timer on it so you can set when it comes on and goes off. It can be set to come on for 1/2 and hour go off for 1/2 an hour, etc.

As for night storage heaters....sorry I don't know anything about them.

15-Mar-08, 15:07
Penelope that's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! Cheers too sweetpea!

15-Mar-08, 21:18
Bear in mind that if your house is owned by the council you would need to speak to them before changing the heating (plus I'm not sure if they would even allow it :confused )

15-Mar-08, 21:33
Just to say, crashbandicoot1979 is correct. If you live in a council house, the storage heaters are council property. You would need to ask the council for permission to change the heating in the house, which they would probably refuse. The only way the council would change the heating is for medical reasons.
If you were to go ahead and change the heating without asking the council for permission, there is the possibility that they will charge you for this if you moved out of the house.

15-Mar-08, 22:32
I think the oil filled radiators they are talking about are the one's you just plug into the plug sockets, so the council would'nt have to be informed, they are portable.

15-Mar-08, 22:39
alot of people complain about the cost of storage heating but you do get a good bit of heat out of them.there are ways of setting them up to store the heat during the day so you can let the heat escape say when you come home at night.When i usually install them i do have to do alot of explaining on how it works.You may find that if you are running the oil heaters for a bit of time they may well use quite a bit of electricity aswell.

16-Mar-08, 19:12
896524 is the number in Thurso for the Energy advice team. A very helpful bunch of boys and girls who truly know their stuff and how to get a good deal for the needy.

Rob16d, have sent you a pm.