View Full Version : Busy Day

15-Mar-08, 09:56
Without even trying spotted 3 of the more unusual species.

Spot No.1 - Minding my own business, sitting watching TV and glanced out the window. Standing on the ridge tiles of the house of the house opposite was a massive heron. Seen it flying around before but never having a rest. It is alleged they raid garden ponds for the fish and we do have a lake not too far from here.

Spot No.2 - A very vicious and fast sparrow hawk swooped on to an unsuspecting blackbird. Little birds seem to know when a sparrowhawk is in the area because they are conspicuous by their absence.

Spot No.3 - Visiting my mam and in her back garden was a pheasant just happily plodding around. She lives in the middle of a housing estate so not sure where they wandered in from.