View Full Version : Scallops with Sweet Chilli Dressing

Anne x
13-Mar-08, 20:56
Serves 4

12 Scallops
2tbls Sunflower Oil

Bag of Salad Leaves anything you like

3tbls Sunflower Oil
4tbls White Wine Vinegar
2tbls Sweet Chilli Sauce
1tbls sesame oil

pat scallops dry lightly brush with oil I prefer to griddle them on a smoking hot griddle pan sear for 30secs turn them around and then repeat on the other side thus getting a nice pattern

Serve with Salad and Dressing drizzled over them

13-Mar-08, 21:45
That sounds lovely, Anne. I love scallops and am always looking for different things to do with them so will give this a try!