View Full Version : business insurance

13-Mar-08, 13:51
Are there any local firms providing business insurance ?

13-Mar-08, 13:57
Try the NFU

Murdina Bug
13-Mar-08, 17:35
Clark Thompson. They no longer have an office here but there is a local rep called Alan Currie, tel. 01847 890222. There is an advert in the dial-a-service page of the Courier this week.

13-Mar-08, 20:27
I can recommend Clark Thompson - they've dealt with my public liability insurance for years and got me an incredibly low premium.

14-Mar-08, 13:41
I have a quote from Clark Thomson in Inverness but they were initiallv very,very slow to send a quote ie 6weeks. Ill try their local guy for a chat to see what his service is like.

I had car Insurance with CT when they had their Thurso office and it was a long string of cover notes and hassle before getting the policy, just before it ran out.............