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10-Mar-08, 11:24
Just a little heads up, with my work commitments a little less (last year i had agreed to lecture a lot away from home) i am looking to possibly get my MMA club back up and running.

We will be concentrating on stand up, take down and the ground game, mostly Muay Thai, BJJ and other grappling arts.

As usual, no politics, no belts, just fun and a lot of sweat.

If anyone is interested drop me and email or pm me.

10-Mar-08, 11:34
I should have also put that this is ideal for anyone interested in general kickboxing training , and also for the more enthusiastic individual who wants to train to get involved with any amateur and semi pro fighting, as I have some great contacts and can after appropriate training get some fights set up for kickboxing, MMA etc.

Ill probably look to do as before:

Hour 1 - Beginners Kickboxing
Hour 2 - Beginners Grappling
Hour 3 - MMA combined training

10-Mar-08, 12:44
at least you will be able to heal them if they get hurt..........;):lol:

02-Jun-08, 14:03
any more information? dates and times?

03-Jun-08, 17:09
Sorry, not at the moment, my work schedule is jammed with patients,lectures and workshops in Glasgow.

Hopefully July may be better, especially as i have received a lot of email and PM's about getting the class back up and running.


little miss sunshine
03-Jun-08, 19:04
i am extremely interested......please pm me once u know whats happening

is this just for adults

14-Jul-08, 10:13
Is there any update on the progress of this Andrew?

Still very interested.

14-Jul-08, 11:40
Hey Andrew

Long time no speak.

I would be interested in this i enjoyed the last training i undertook with you....have a lot more free time now aswell so i would be interested again.


14-Jul-08, 12:09
Hey Willie, been a while since you last trained, would be good to see you again.

Ok, let me see what i can do, im getting a lot of emails about Mixed Martial Arts, and its been a while since i trained also, due to work etc.

What about an intro session, how would a sunday afternoon be for people.


14-Jul-08, 12:28
Yea a sunday sounds good to me it will keep me in on the sat night and thats what i need :)

Will see if any of my m8s would also be interested.

Class in dunbeath?

14-Jul-08, 12:33
Yes, Dunbeath initially, then perhaps Wick or somewhere if i can locate a venue.
An initial session i can introduce people to the basics of:

Stand up : Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate
Clinch : Greco Roman, Holds, Throws etc
BJJ : Ground Work, Guard, Passing Guard
Self Defence .

I need to check with Dunbeath Hall, make sure its available, all my matts and kit are still in the hall.

14-Jul-08, 14:47
Sundays is good for me too. And im sure the other guys that are interested will be good for Sundays also.

14-Jul-08, 14:48
Let me see if i can get this sorted for later this month.

18-Jul-08, 15:44
Hi Andrew,

Do you have any update as to the progress of your MMA classes?


18-Jul-08, 21:13
Ill see if i can get Dunbeath hall for either next or the following Sunday.

19-Jul-08, 12:20
Thanks for the update.

19-Jul-08, 14:45
sounds good!

19-Jul-08, 15:30
Ok, if everyone who is interested could email me at my mma email address we can organise this off list, and i can email out information etc.


21-Jul-08, 17:33
Dunbeath Hall is sorted, so i will probably look to get the intro class going in a fortnights time, as i forgot i have something on this coming Sunday. Good news is venue is confirmed, so ill sort a date and we can all hook up and do some training.

Some things to note about our training style:

1. No Belts or Grades, everyone is an equal irrespective of previous or no martial arts background.

2. I have what some people call bad musical taste, so what we normally do is rotate who chooses music to train to :) .....

3. Bring water to drink, and maybe fruit, protein snack or something for energy.

4. We wear comfortable training gear, very seldom do we wear a gi, unless doing gi specific BJJ, so trainers, tshirts, short, etc.

5. FUN, its all about having a good training experience

6. Laid back approach, i cant be bothered with shouting, screaming etc, i like to teach in a very laid back and informal style.

7. No bowing in class - back flips are ok :)

8. FUN - just to remind you, FUN, enjoyable and laid back.

So, if you want a very laid back and modern approach to training come on down....
Send an email to me at info@emaf.co.uk if you already havent, and we ill see what dates suits the majority for the first introduction day.


29-Jul-08, 10:09
Just a little heads up,
I forgot i was being filmed for a project with international artist Karen Russo over the weekend there, so its meant i have been tied up over the weekend, and due the filming being very last minute and rescheduling i may be playing catch up with patients this week, and i have an article i am writing for a magazine that needs to be complete, so this weeks session may need to be rescheduled for the following weekend.

This is one of the reasons i closed the club last year as work commitments have been really hectic for the last year or so, and due to all of this it does mean i am pretty unreliable for regular training :). I will hopefully know if i can make this weekend by Thursday this week, and if its good to go ill post up later this week.


26-Aug-08, 10:45
Did this all get arranged? I'm sure I sent a pm but I didnt' get a message!

23-Sep-08, 10:17
Any news on this?

21-Apr-09, 12:08
has anyone had any response from andrew regarding the mma classes?

21-Apr-09, 16:24
Nope, they havent :) as i have been ultra busy with work and other projects. I am in Glasgow at the moment, however it is good timing as i am probably going to organise a training session for a few weeks time, most likely a Sunday, as my old training partner and student is coming up from Inverness for some training, so if anyone else is interested let me know.