View Full Version : Renault Grand Scenic

09-Mar-08, 23:29
Hi, was thinking of purchasing one of these (04plate) and was wondering if anybody knew what they were like (Reliable, god drive etcc...)

Any feedback would be great before I waste my money on yet another car!


10-Mar-08, 03:37
They drive like crap, no feel through the steering, floats like a boat, you could drive off the road and be in the ditch before you felt the verge...

Couldn't get past that to notice the 'clever' interior.

Pointless 'keyless' system, you have to put the card in and then start the machine, much quicker wi a key.

Hate the central speedo, etc. as well, that is mad and dangerous!


11-Mar-08, 16:44
Well we have a 54 plate Grand Scenic and love it. A bit of a bus to park, but otherwise very pleased with it. Have owned it now for 3.5 years.

11-Mar-08, 17:19
Dont know about the Grand Scenic but i used to have a scenic and had nothing but problems with it, unfortunately major ones. On one occasion my mechanic friend was fixing it he advised me never to buy a Renault but obviously it was too late by then.

11-Mar-08, 17:48
Mixed reviews on the Grand Scenic. Will agree with boozeburglar, floats like a boat! Designed to pass the NCAP so not the best drivers car. Does however, have many engines and trim levels to choose from so you can get some well kitted out cars for little money! Electric handbrake can be a pain and i dont think it has the fold flat seat system so many other MPV's have. But, Macwull, try and get a run in one, you mite just fall in love with the vavavoom!!!