View Full Version : Nashville / Festival at Halkirk 2008

07-Mar-08, 12:39
I'm trying to get some info on this Nashville musical event thats on in Halkirk shortly. can anyone help me with a link or a contact phone number?

07-Mar-08, 13:20
http://www.nncmc.co.uk/ (http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://www.nncmc.co.uk/)

12-Mar-08, 19:21
Hi Orgers. Can any of you guys tell me when the dates are for the country music festivel is on!! And is it too late to get tickets:D

12-Mar-08, 19:57
It's 21st-23rd of this month. Should still be able to get tickets. Tel 01847 892624

12-Mar-08, 23:30
The Fesival website is www.nnccmf.co.uk (http://www.nnccmf.co.uk) although it'll be incorporated back into the main nncmc.co.uk site later in the year - it had to be done separately to qualify for funding...

13-Mar-08, 12:34
Is there any orgers going to the Country Music Festival in Halkirk i will be going anyone else going

13-Mar-08, 13:46
I am going to be performing on the sunday with the wich youth band "The Dusty Harrisons". It's our first proper gig (we played the assembly rooms for the East End Boys thing last Friday, as a kind of warm up.) I know that most of the band are pretty nervous about it, so if any orgers are along on the Sunday then have a listen, and tell me what you think of us.
Please bear in mind though we only formed the band about a month ago.

The Pepsi Challenge
13-Mar-08, 17:25
Do Northern Nashville put on gigs by alt-country artists, or is it still pretty much the straight-down-the-middle, spurs and ten gallon hats style of country? Am off to Nashville myself in a few weeks time. Cannae wait...

13-Mar-08, 20:34
Although I can't be sure, based on the artiste web links on their links page, it appears to be mostly mainstream country & irish acts.

13-Mar-08, 21:22
i'm playing :)

guitar :confused

K dragon
13-Mar-08, 21:57
Yeeee Haaawww!!!!

Poultney lad
13-Mar-08, 22:18
How many orgers going up to halkirk for the country festival

14-Mar-08, 00:26
is there still tickets available??

Kevin Milkins
14-Mar-08, 00:40
How many orgers going up to halkirk for the country festival
I had good intentions of doing that last year and got sidetracked and having spoke to people that did go I felt a bit miffed that I missed it .Will make a big effort this year.

Poultney lad
14-Mar-08, 09:23
Think you can still get tickets,hope so have not got my tickets yet

14-Mar-08, 22:51
I understand that, due to holidays, tickets are currently available on 01847 892410 should anyone still be needing any.

baggie boy
21-Mar-08, 20:13
Does any orger. have info on when the buses are leaving this year for the music festival in Halkirk?

Cant find info

21-Mar-08, 20:51
Details are on there web site


23-Mar-08, 12:24
can anyone tell me if you have to have your ticket to get on the bus out to halkirk for the nashville festival.

baggie boy
23-Mar-08, 19:15
no need for ticket. just pay 2 each way(they what they charged last night)