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06-Mar-08, 15:25
Ok I'm fed up with my current look. What colours go with green eyes?What do the rest of you wear?

06-Mar-08, 15:36
How about golds or coppers?

06-Mar-08, 15:49
I'm trying to find a gold shadow actually. And yes aren't we special us green eyed girls, lol

06-Mar-08, 19:39
My daughter has green eyes, she wears gold, copper and those sort of tones at the moment:) lucky ladies to have green eyes.

06-Mar-08, 20:52
Careful not to fall into the trap of only wearing certain colours though, Sweetpea (reminds me of an old Jackie annual I had!), you should be able to get away with almost any colour, it may just be a case of finding the right tone for you. Elle Magazine (http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://www.elleuk.com/elle/beauty) usually have a great beauty section, with all the up to date trends - you might find that you don't need to focus so much on eyeshadow, as a wee change to your lippy or blush can do wonders for a gal!

I have hazel eyes myself, but I don't have a specific look for daytime or going out - I just work it around the outfit, and any of the latest trends that I like myself. I have a do coming up soon, and am thinking about working a dramatic lip look :eek:, just not sure how my lips will like it, lol [lol]!

I should add, BarryM do some great powder shadows, which can be used all over the lid, or applied with a damp brush/applicator as a liner - a wee flick of gold liner could look pretty swish by my reckoning (sp?!).

06-Mar-08, 21:13
Wee burd, I have a green look but it's too much, top and eyeshadow. I'm going to go gold and green for a gig I have coming up. If I had the money I'd get a pro make up artist.

08-Mar-08, 00:33
Ok I'm fed up with my current look. What colours go with green eyes?What do the rest of you wear?
Sweetpea, give thumper a pm, she did my make up for our son's wedding 3 weeks ago and I looked stunning when she'd finished ( OH said it was a miracle!!) I have grey blue eyes, not a lovely green :~(

lady penelope
08-Mar-08, 21:09
Pink and silver,grey at the moment. I have very fair skin and like these colours just now. I use gold and copper in the summerwhen I have more colour in my skin.