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06-Mar-08, 14:24
I've got a wedding dress that I would like dyed black, anyone know where I could get it done?

06-Mar-08, 14:27
you can buy dye from sutherlands chemist(thurso) ive done it lots of times with jeans and tops and there isnt any mess

06-Mar-08, 14:38
I'd thought of that but its such a bulky item that I'm scared it would come out all patchy, did think of doing it in the bath as well but it's an acrylic bath so it might stain. If I can't get it done professionally I'll try it in a plastic dustbin I think.

06-Mar-08, 16:41
As far as i know this would need to be done professionally. Because the thread used will be coated it will probably remain white after dying. You really don't want a nice black dress with white stitching. If you look in the back of bridal magazines you should find a professional company.

06-Mar-08, 17:07
yeah I was thinking the same about the material not taking. I'll try the mags.