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06-Mar-08, 11:45
right i know this is a weird place to post this but as im getting knowhere medically i thought i would ask you lot, my wee one who is 4 has been having alot of bowel problems, doctors have currently given her medication, which somedays works others it doesnt, some days she is soo badly constipated and is hysterically screaming, doctor thinks that because one time she had problems going it may have hurt and this is causing the problem, i dont agree at all, but the doctor wouldnt take on what i was saying, i think there is an underlying problem, what? i dont know, but its heartbreaking seeing her in pain....... do i go to my doctor again or do i take further down south to get answers, i really need help here


06-Mar-08, 11:52
Ash, sadly your Doctor may be right, I have come across the same symptoms, with a friend of mines Granddaughter, the poor bairn had a bad experience going to the toilet, and that was imprinted in the wee mites brain.
This was eventually overcome with a lot of TLC, and tears, but listen to the Doctor, please.
The Bairn is now doing great by the way

06-Mar-08, 11:56
golach thank u, but sometimes i think that others i dont

06-Mar-08, 12:09
Ash I have to say it is true - a bad experience of this kind can have a big knock on effect. One other small thing - does your daughter eat lots of bananas - they had a huge constipation effect on my son when he was small. Try some sort of diversion tactics when she goes to the loo too - chattin, a story, a song - anything you think may help! Sounds mad but you have to break the cycle.

06-Mar-08, 12:16
hi, she doesnt eat alot of bananas, the doctor gave her medication to bulk her poo up as it was tiny pieces and it was hurting to pass and she had to keep going to the toilet, this has been going on for ages, before all they did was give me laxatives for her and now this medication

06-Mar-08, 12:25
Have pm'd you.

10-Mar-08, 10:15
Hi there
Just a thought but have you tried Sophie Lamb, she is great and i am sure that her or her dad could give you some advice for your daughters symptoms - they are based in Sinclair street and i have got to say that i have recently been going to them for a few minor ailiments and i am feeling great now
may be worth a try

10-Mar-08, 10:18
hey everyone thanks for all help,we have doctor today but also health visitor has reffered us to a paedrtrician, but theres awaiting list, so will just have to wait and see what happens, we think she may be lactose intollerent as we have cut out alot of the dairy she has been eating and she is moving her bowels better, thanks again