View Full Version : Soldiers??????

05-Mar-08, 13:47
Well would you put your life in this mans hands..He is supposed to fight the war to save us but finds doing this more fun...Sick


I amnot adding the link to the actual video.Thats up to those who want to watch it..Just imagining what it must have been like is bad enough....

05-Mar-08, 18:02
[evil] Disgusting. I believe you can tell a persons morals and standards by the way they treat animals. This prat had no regard for that poor defenseless animal.
I haven't seen the video but I don't think the problem lies with You tube. Everyone seems outraged that You tube broadcast it but if they hadn't would the incident have ever come to light? Seems a lot of people would prefer to bury their heads in the sand.

Like you say Justine, this guy is sick! [evil]

05-Mar-08, 19:12
yes it is sick...Maybe it is good that they showed this atleast one will be done for it.....But it makes me worried is how would he treat a foe in iraq if thats what he can do to a defensless animal

05-Mar-08, 19:35
this is disgusting but i dont this should reflect on all our men out there. this has been a very small minority that as usual tars the people with same name. i'm sure most of them will b totally disgusted by this. as i have in the past read stories of men actually taken animals home after quarintine and homing them. hopefully their peers will deal with this severely