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The Pepsi Challenge
05-Mar-08, 11:59
It's a sad week for rock music. Buddy Miles, drummer with Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsys, died of heart failure aged 60. Not the greatest drummer in the world, Miles, however, contributed to the history of one of rock music's greats, and, in my opinion, was a vastly underrated singer, as anyone who has heard his version of Down By The River will attest.


05-Mar-08, 13:30
Not my favourite drummer by any means (in fact not even my favourite drummer in one of Hendrix' bands....)

But a sad loss nonetheless. His gut bucket style really stands out on the Band Of Gypsys album.

05-Mar-08, 20:08
Not the greatest drummer in the world

You would kick him out of your band?

He was 'great' enough for some of the greats who worked with him...

Is it catch up with the dead pool today?


06-Mar-08, 05:05
I know a mate of mine, Mr. Drever, who you must surely know, is as big as fan as I am of Buddy, and he has been for years.

Would you have him in yer band?