View Full Version : E-mail, love it or hate it?

05-May-03, 09:25
I am probably in the minority here but I have to say I am not that fond of e-mail. Sure, it's quick and easy but there are so many minuses too.

For the most part e-mail is written quickly and sent without a second thought. In the past few weeks I've had e-mails from friends and family that at first glance seemed to be really rude and one that came across as a telling off. I was later assured that "I was just trying to explain it to you". But it really hurt my feelings.

Also I hate getting those letters "sent to me by a good friend and I'm forwarding this on". Those medical "alert" ones are especially annoying. I got one last week only to have the person who sent it e-mail me again within hours to say she had just found out it was a hoax.

The most annoying e-mail I got recently was a do it yourself palm-reading! I should have known better but I opened it anyway. Turns out I don't have many "quality years ahead"!! Unfortunately I was waiting to see a heart specialist when I got this e-mail so the timing was not great.

These are not going into the junk mail folder but coming from friends.

Call me old fashioned but I liked to get my letters from the postman. Now he just brings bills.

05-May-03, 11:26
I find email extremely handy and if a particular email I am sending is a replacement for a letter then it gets as much thought put into it as the letter would have done.

Like you I do get plenty of rubbish sent to me, so I use a free program called Mailwasher, which filters out about most of the junk before I download it. One of my email addresses gets about 150 spam emails sent to it every day, (someone used it to sign up to loads of dubious sites) but thanks to mailwasher I don't have to download them and they get deleted off the server.

Hoax emails are annoying, especially ones that pull on the heart strings, but a rule of thumb is that if it suggests sending it to <insert number> friends or everyone in your address book, you can bet it's a scam/hoax and best deleted.

Hope things went well with the specialist.

06-May-03, 09:06
I lurve my e-mail, how could I live without it????

I too get loads of spam, but I too use Mailwasher to help get rid.

I know what you mean about abrupt e-mails, but trust me, u get used to them.

That points out another thing i luv about e-mail, how little you have to type.

I am in contact with so many people that I would never take the time to pen a letter to, but with e-mail I can have extended conversations with all my m8s wherever they are in the world.

See here for the mail washer utiltiy...

I think there is a new version with more features than I use but is limited to 1 mail account, you need to pay for a licence if you want to use more than 1, but hey, its still the best freeware proggy I've used.

09-May-03, 12:48
I don't know how I would manage without e-mail now and don't know how I managed without it!

I keep in contact with my friends the whole time through e-mail and at work every second person I speak to now is on e-mail!

It is just great!! :D :D


15-May-03, 18:04
E-mail certainly has its uses. My friend and I write scripts for a drama group in our spare time... we use e-mail to quickly and effectively swap ideas and share scripts.

But I definately see luckyone's point of view! It's a nice change to get a personal letter through the letter box!

These days I get very few letters... and just as few e-mails... guess who the popular one isn't!? *sigh* Ah well, e-mail has its uses (i.e. annoying friends that are away at uni!)