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The Pepsi Challenge
04-Mar-08, 18:44
Don't wish to blow one's own trumpet, but the concert at the Playhouse last night was one of the best I've seen in a long, long time. Not many elder songsmiths can play their early works and still sound like they wrote it that afternoon. Don't s'pose anyone else was along at this?


04-Mar-08, 19:16
i was there. it was fantastic

04-Mar-08, 20:26
I wish I was...

I watched him not too long ago on the box and he was brilliant!

...tickets we're pretty expensive by the time I realised he was playin' Edinburgh tho!


04-Mar-08, 23:56
I am going to Hammersmith til see im, cannae wait!

My sixth time fer Neil, but my pal is over twenty times!

Never disappoints, never capitulates with the ettiquete of the ageing process.

Best ever was seeing him with Dylan in support in Germany, what a memory!


05-Mar-08, 13:38
Couldn't make it.

Was his wife not the support act? Be funny is she had a lower voice than dear old Neil! ;)

The Pepsi Challenge
05-Mar-08, 13:52
Six and half a dozen, but yeah, she played for about 50 minutes. Generally inoffensive, safe-as-milk country musings that, at its worst, just held up the main event. She went down pretty well with the audience, and came back onstage later on to sing backing vocals. I think it's safe to say not too many people rushed out to buy her album the next day.