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03-Mar-08, 15:12
did i imagine it or was there a recipe on here last week for lentil soup with bacon or was i dreaming lol,if so does anyone no a good recipe for it with bacon?

04-Mar-08, 18:57
Hey i make lentil soup with bacon!

I cut 4 carrots and onion and half a neep, and put it in a large soup pan with water, add four pork stock cubes and cut a packet of smoked bacon into pieces and add them to the pan, Then i add the lentils, i put about half a packet of lentils in my soup, then simmer it for hours. about 2 hours should do it!!


04-Mar-08, 20:32
I buy a smoked bacon end from the butchers and boil it in cold water then simmer for about at hour.

Add onion, carrot & turnip (a prepared bag of diced from Tesco is only 50pence and the same weight of turnip alone would cost double that, so it`s economical as well as time saving)

I use 250gms lentils all together but add half with the veg, then the rest about half an hour later and cook for another half hour. This gives a more interesting texture.

Pinch of parsley if liked before serving.


04-Mar-08, 23:53
mm i use bacon too.. fry my onions and bacon in some garlic, add stock(ham cubes), lentils...boil for a while add carrotts and tatties.. cook for another 20 mins or so some pepper..in my case lots of pepper..no salt.....yummy:lol: dont ask quantities i just guess:lol:

06-Mar-08, 15:33
More recipes on p6 of this message board!