View Full Version : best place to get ear pierced?

03-Mar-08, 12:45
Could anyone tell me a good place to take my 10 year old daughter to get her ears done. She has finally warn me down after going on and on and on for a year or more....not that I am telling her yet she has won!!

mums angels
03-Mar-08, 13:26
dunno about wick but macbeth the jewerlers in Thurso did my daughters and they were really good with her ...she was 4

03-Mar-08, 13:33
thanks for that was thinking of trying there. So will phone them up and find out price etc before I take her

03-Mar-08, 13:34
karens mobile hairdresser does ear piercing shes fully qualified & very good my daughter has just had her ears pierced by her & we havent had any trouble at all. good point is she does them in your own home too so its more relaxing.number is.07908341879. its 10 & you get the solution to bathe your ears with too.