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03-Mar-08, 12:10
Yesterday we came across those lovely geese. Although I find it extremely hard to "shoot" flying birds I managed to get some decent shots that I wanted to share with you.
To the "advanced birdwatcher" they might look tirvial, but I am quite happy with them.
Maybe you guys could give me some tips as what to make better next time?


That one almost looks like a painting...


In that one I really loved the colours and pattern of the feathers...

03-Mar-08, 16:48
Great captures Raven (as usual ;)) Loving the first picture! Thanks for sharing them with us orger's lol

03-Mar-08, 17:45
I'm sure the geese prefer that you shoot with a 'Canon' and not a 12 bore.:lol::lol:

03-Mar-08, 23:29
I'm sure the geese prefer that you shoot with a 'Canon' and not a 12 bore.:lol::lol:
ROFL...I have to agree with that...

04-Mar-08, 07:03
They are just awesome pictures Raven.

06-Mar-08, 20:36
great photo,s again Raven as usual..the second one is fab..nice work..
now give me some advice on my pics. lol....

09-Mar-08, 21:24
hi glad i found the right site
was out at the door about an hour ago and what a convoy or [gaggle should it be] was going over looked lovely. where do they go to at this time of year. regardss tony

14-Mar-08, 00:36
Geese breed on tundra.
They are headed for Greenland via Iceland. The flight to Iceland is a non stop 24 hour journey, then after recuperating its another non stop journey to Greenland.

14-Mar-08, 20:59
they have been going over head now for nights. but one night in particular they were beautiful you would think they were florescent
no hope of me taking a picture with a camera out of lidyls [lol]

catherine nicol
15-Mar-08, 13:03
Wow, these photos are fantastic.

Did you do some digiscoping or was this with the camera only?

Like both pictures, especially love the second one though.

Fantastic pics.