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03-Mar-08, 00:15
We were at the french restaurant tonite it
was really good not one of us had any complaints
about it, the food was beautiful & they made you
feel really welcome & it was a really nice touch that
the chef came round afterwards asking everyone how
their meal was & if everything was okay, it's little touches
like that, that make it worthwhile going to a place like that

mums angels
03-Mar-08, 01:22
glad to hear that as we are going in a couple of weeks, heard such good things and have been waiting ages to go :D

03-Mar-08, 09:53
It really is a great place; the food is really tasty and the service very efficient but is has been too long since I was there; time for a visit methinks...

03-Mar-08, 20:16
Yup, I'd recommend it as well.

03-Mar-08, 21:25
Id definatly recommend it as well ym im thinking another visit might be due soon better start hinting to hubby:lol:

03-Mar-08, 22:54
great place to eat, must go again soon:)

15-Mar-08, 16:45
Had a gorgeous meal the other night, we had Prawns in Garlic butter, Fish soup, Halibut and Veal kidneys, absolutely delicious and the house wine was ace too! Definatley be back for seconds.:)

mums angels
02-Apr-08, 23:15
Well finally went tonight with hubby and my folks and have to say it was lovley , the lady and her husband were so nice and friendly , the food was really good we all had something different and can definatly recommend it :D

reasonably priced IMO too , don't mind paying for good food :D

Kevin Milkins
04-Apr-08, 00:06
Its on the list of things to do
Thank you posters

14-Apr-08, 08:47
Had dinner there on sat night, was just superb. we both had three courses, all came out perfectly timed. Always a pleasure dinning there. Keep it up danny and janice.

Kevin Milkins
18-Apr-08, 23:11
Went tonight, very good food and service good.Will go again

20-Apr-08, 10:27
Myself and hubby went last night and as always, we had a lovely meal.