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28-Feb-08, 13:49
Would any dog owners be interested in giving their dogs a try at lure coursing, this is mainly aimed at greyhounds, lurchers or terriers but any dog could give it a go.
This link explains more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lure_coursing.
I would like to gauge interest before investing in a machine as they're quite expensive.
I was thinking of running competitions at the county show etc or just runs for fun and maybe a couple of Sunday afternoons training a month during the summer.
I think it'll be a good way of keeping our dogs fit and healthy, let me know what you think.

28-Feb-08, 14:04
id certainly give it a go, ive seen them at the gamefairs in the south and there great fun, count me in!

28-Feb-08, 14:23
Excellent, I was thinking the dogs could compete against the clock or in two dog heats building up to a knockout two dog final, competing over the summer in a points league table with prizes and cups at the end?

28-Feb-08, 14:58
bubbles would love it.. shes a labradoodle so a bit daft but loves to run!

29-Feb-08, 00:36
I would love to come and watch, old stiffy bum Cara wouldn't be fit to take part but sounds like a lot of fun. :D

01-Mar-08, 16:22
I'd like to try it. My dog's quite fast. :D

03-Mar-08, 17:51
I might be interested.

03-Mar-08, 18:23
good idea...hope you get it up and running...then when i get my greyhound home i will know whare to come...keep us informed..

09-Mar-08, 17:30
I'd be very interested it would give my lurcher something to distract him from trying to chase deer.I don't know anything about lure chasing but if you need volunteers to help just get in touch.:D

10-Mar-08, 15:15
Thanks for the replies, I'll start looking this week for a machine. I'll PM you all when we're up and RUNNING, should be early summer.

11-Mar-08, 21:26
I would definitely be giving mine a go. He is by far the fastest dog in the county. Well maybe....

12-Mar-08, 12:57
I would definitely be giving mine a go. He is by far the fastest dog in the county. Well maybe....

We'll see about that Skinnydog, you'd better get in training the lure machine is on order.

29-Mar-10, 20:50
Did this ever get off the ground?

29-Mar-10, 21:08
Oooo did it - that's one thing my dogs miss. They have to course each other now :(

29-Mar-10, 22:14
I just thought it would be a good safe way for the pup to run off some energy without risk to her.
It seems everywhere we go there are dogs running off the lead with owners way ahead or behind so my dogs seem to always be on the lead. Then there is the fact that the pup is terrifying around trees etc as she just doesn't slow down and I this nightmare scenario of her breaking her neck one of these days :eek:

30-Mar-10, 04:09
Did this ever get off the ground?

I guess not, as this thread is 2 years old...deafening silence since then!:confused

30-Mar-10, 18:46
Sounds great !
We've done this before with our hounds and they loved it, but the only club close is near Aberdeenshire then Stirling for Whippet racing ! :D
hope it works out well for you.

31-Mar-10, 09:23
well i know Gary has bought the lure machine, if people have enough interest im sure he could organise?

drop him a PM ;)

31-Mar-10, 12:37
Count me in to, Dingo is so full of energy, would be great for him

01-Apr-10, 01:26
Where is it? Mine would LOVE something like that.