View Full Version : hotpoint condenser dryer ...do u know of anyone...

28-Feb-08, 11:07
my hotpoint condenser dryer is not condensing..still dries the clothes..but where is the water going??

does anyone know of someone who could help asap.????

many thanks

elastic band
28-Feb-08, 13:33
we have one as well and ours just doesn;t dry the clothes at all -no matter how many hours its been on for -wouldn't buy one again and doubt it'll be worth themoney to have it repaied -lasted just over the year

28-Feb-08, 17:44
There will be a water bottle type of device in the bottom. I know that on mine a little light comes on when the water bottle is full. I wasn't keen to get a condensing type but now that I have one I don't mind it.

28-Feb-08, 19:42
I would never buy a hotpoint condencer dryer again, mine is nothing but hassle, so much so its in the shed not working again!! didnt work properly from about 1 month old

mums angels
28-Feb-08, 21:10
have had 2 Creda dryers in 3 years both stopped working for few reasones, 1 the bottom tray (not the condenser drawer) was not emptied and cleaned regular enough( my fault) , 2 the heat button would stop working , 3 element went (40) to replace . and the drum would drop as i often overloaded it as i have a 7.5kg washer and dryer was only 5kg ..hated the things always took forever to dry everything .

however we looked around but decided to give condensers another go as i always feared the vented ones were unsafe ,have gone for a Hotpoint 7 kg drum that will manage my wash load and have put a note on it with dates to empty and clean bottom tray once a month as recommended as my parents recently bought new element and turned out that it wasn't even that it was the bottom tray they wern't aware that the it needed cleaned etc regulary or even that it had one, and it dawned on me that i never did mine too often so i think a large amount of my bad luck with dryers were my own fault :( so far this new one is great it takes 90 mins to do a 7kg load and so far i have never fallen behind in the washing and i empty drawer and fluff bit each and everytime, the fact that its now in the utility instead of garage helps ...not as cold to go out and do it LOL so fingers crossed its better than the last ones

29-Feb-08, 09:38
ive got one of those sensor dryers what a waste of space! doesnt dry the clothes & if you try & put the dryer back on to dry them properly it just switches itself off!![evil]

29-Feb-08, 11:24
hi..it sounds like the same dryer as mine. i regularly clean out everything.it is 2 and a half years old and it has worked fine until now. it is just not condensing although the clothes did dry..where is the water going to???????i have alacam coming out on thursday..so here is hoping it will be sorted out. if it is too dear...then i would rather just get another dryer.

happy laundry days.!!