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elastic band
26-Feb-08, 13:36
Hi All,
just thought i would give an update following Dads' funeral when i had asked for recommendations and received so much help and support from the Orgers ;-

Undertaker -we used Clair Harper and he and his staff were fantastic -we couldn't have had a better service and he was there with his son Sanders to guide us every step of the way. They were so polite and respectful and understanding.

Rev William Wallace -what a lovely warm man -he did a lovely service in our house and read and included exactly what we wanted about Dad.

Flower Patch -the floral tributes were absolutely beautiful, really artistic and so much work must have gone into them. They were lovely and everything was done to help us -they gave us books home to choose what we wanted and then delivered the flowers etc to our house.

The Lunch Box-the lady Fay couldn't have been more helpful, she came in and set everything out when we were at the cemetery and the food was really lovely. I left it up to her and she did a fantastic job, everyone commented on how lovely it was.

Royal Bank -Cathy was the lady we dealt with and she was wonderful, so gently and caring and assured us they would take care of everything.

Wick police and Dr hourston and ambulance crew -sympathetic, understanding, caring and made us feel as if my Dad mattered.

Hope this helps someone else through such a hard time

27-Feb-08, 21:10
Aye , Clair's lot are very, very good.

27-Feb-08, 21:15
It certainly helps a huge amount when things go easily and smoothly at such a hard time. I hope you are doing ok xx Remember to eat and sleep regularly. xx

28-Feb-08, 08:26
I'm really glad the day went as well as possible. Hope things are ok for you. Did you get hold of seeds in the end?

elastic band
28-Feb-08, 13:30
Hi Rod,

unfortunately we just ran out of time -in more ways than one i suppose but my son came up with the idea of planting a tree in the garden so thats what we're going to do and scatter the seeds around it and when we go along dads favourite walks.

thanks again all for your kindness