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04-May-03, 10:35
Does anyone know where my daughter can have horse riding lessons near Wick?
Thanks for any help.

Eve M
04-May-03, 16:18
Try Jean Gunn, Sibster Mains, near Wick. The number should be in the phone book.

Lossie Loon
04-May-03, 18:39
Jean also has a well stocked shop, "Bits n' Bobs" I think it's called. Her phone number is 01955603270. I believe she's kept quite busy, so you may have to book in advance. :D

04-May-03, 18:47
Unfortunately Jean has stopped teaching kids, that's why we are looking for somewhere else. My daughter has been lucky enough to have had a great start with Jean but her skills will be lost unless we can find some other lessons.
Thanks anyway

Lossie Loon
04-May-03, 19:12
If you follow this link ( http://members.aol.com/caithnessrc/ ) which is for the Caithness Riding Club, it has the contact details of the Office Bearers. I'm sure that one of them could help you out. Closest place is probably Halkirk though, maybe if you contact them they could put you onto someone that could give her a lift (look after her). :confused

09-May-03, 12:36
Marion Bain at Achalone is the only stables up here at e mo.

She is very nice and nice horses too!

Her number is in the yellow pages!

kxx :D

10-May-03, 18:47
Thanks for your help.

07-Jun-05, 23:51
Halkirk is the only place i know