View Full Version : Help: foot issue

24-Feb-08, 17:13

My puppy has started scratching the floor and biting at one of her back paws this afternoon :~(

I was thinking something might have gotten stuck in her paw after her walk this afternoon. However ive checked and cant see anything stuck in it.

She was fine for over an hour after we had gotten home and then suddenly starting whimpering and biting her foot

Has anyone ever experienced this?

If it keeps up i'm taking her to the vets first thing tomorrow but does anyone have any suggestions in the mean time?

I've even tried soaking her paws in a luke warm bath of water but it doesnt seem to have helped her

She's fast asleep now bless her but i hate seeing her distressed

24-Feb-08, 19:18
Dogs often chew at their paws if in pain and, as she was whimpering, this does sound like the case I'm afraid.:(

Could she have twisted her leg at all when she was out?

If she has stood in something which could have irritated her paw then try bathing it in a saline solution(1 teaspoon salt per 1pt water which has been boiled and cooled).

As she has managed to go to sleep it doesn't sound too bad and hopefully she will be okay when she wakens up.

She may just have had a bit of cramp or pins and needles after moving awkwardly.

Let us know how she gets on.

24-Feb-08, 19:28

She's woken up now and seems to be fine.

She's had her dinner and everything but ill keep an eye on her


24-Feb-08, 19:32
Oh that's good! Bless her.:D

It does sound she has had a bit of cramp or just moved awkardly.

Is she walking on the leg okay?