View Full Version : Henrietta Street Chip Shop

23-Feb-08, 20:55
Have to highly recommend the Henrietta Street Chip Shop. Had a fish supper from there tonight and it was absoloutly delicious. Also the portions are excellent as well as the staff that works there.:D:D

23-Feb-08, 21:30
Must agree we also had suppers from there tonight. MAGIC.:lol::lol:

23-Feb-08, 21:37
Totaly agree, we never go anywhere else now,:)

footie chick
23-Feb-08, 21:53
I know where I'm going for my dinner next weekend not been there in ages will give it a go thanx ;)

jim shoe
25-Feb-08, 11:40
chips is rubbish

26-Feb-08, 11:49
somewhere where is rubbish for there chips is houstons,there chips are half cooked,there disgusting

26-Feb-08, 11:57
went there on friday night and it was the best chips we've ever had were'nt greasy dry and fluffy really good would go again

27-Feb-08, 22:51
henrietta chippy is awfy gd but when u phone ur order in and pick it up and get home ready til get stuck in 9 times out o 10 they have either messed ur order up or given u the wrong order.......

27-Feb-08, 23:00
Yeh Henrietta's is good, but having worked there myself i ken that it is very easy to get orders mixed especially on a fri, sat nite when its packed to e gunnels, but if u did get the wrong thing im sure the staff would sort u out
we what you were ment to get in the 1st place if you went back over, but then again if it wiz me i'd probably just eat what wiz in my order as i'd be at
blinking hungry:D

02-Mar-08, 21:32
On the subject of chipshops who remembers John Cormacks in Vansittart St now that was a chipper everything wrapped in newspaper.He could learn them a thing or two now.

07-Mar-08, 22:53
Had my chippy tea out of here tonight and it was good, the staff were helpful and chatty and i was in and out in no time:D