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03-May-03, 13:21
Found the following description of Wick at:


Town/Village: Wick
There is nothing in Wick except sullen faced youths hanging around chip shops and denim clad drunken tinkers who talk to cider bottles.
There is nothing to do except drive cars for no reason other than to make their tyres squeak with handbrake turns.
Everybody in the entire town has snot hanging from their noses.
It has a river full of shopping trolleys.
The best thing about Wick is the lighthouse built by Robert Louis Stevenson's uncle. Aged 17, RLS was in Wick and hated it. He ended up living in Western Samoa because geographically it was the furthest point from Wick on any atlas.
They have an amusement park in Wick. It is called a field. Their only export is Caithness Glass - most of which the factory buys from Accident and Emergency on a Friday night.

George Brims
05-May-03, 20:19
This reminds me of a review in Melody Maker back in about 1971, of a show by Beggar's Opera at the Assembly Rooms. They described Wick as "a fishing village of about 1,000 people" and claimed the whole audience were "aging teddy boys". They also trashed the band, who were actually quite good (but oh the bass and drum solos went on far too long!).

I wonder what sort of life these people lead, that their only satisfaction comes from running things down? Miserable little gits.

05-May-03, 22:26
At least they got it right about the sad cases and their cars.

06-May-03, 00:03
There does seem to be a lot of petrol wasted by cars going round and round and round...

06-May-03, 09:08
Its not wasted petrol, its called "courting".

Our tiny population would just wither away if you stopped them doing that!!!!

06-May-03, 10:01
Its not wasted petrol, its called "courting".

Our tiny population would just wither away if you stopped them doing that!!!!

Boy courting has changed since I was younger! :D

06-May-03, 16:18
The sad thing is the description of Wick is true!

Although it does skimp on the good points........

er..there are good points arent there?

06-May-03, 22:28
You sure they were n't referring to that other Wick? Sounds more like the one in Glamorgan :lol:
The .one I visited recently which although the harbour area was messy had a pleasant riverside,good pie shop an' plenty of feathered locals willing to snatch me chips!Humm will check it out again if next few weeks

07-May-03, 09:18
Try these links from the knowhere guide (www.knowhere.co.uk)... I laughed and laughed and laughed some more...

Thurso (http://www.knowhere.co.uk/415.html)

Wick (http://www.knowhere.co.uk/3394.html)