View Full Version : fao of rob16d (as well as anyone else interested of course)

23-Feb-08, 16:00

i hope you dont mind, but ive noticed a couple of your threads recently about moving into a new home, and wanting to make you pennies go that little bit further.

i thought you might like this site..

http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ (http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/)

i use it for the forums as they have a great slow cooker recipe section, but im sure youll find a lot of useful info in there

(i would have pm'd, but im sure there are lots of people who can make use of the site)

23-Feb-08, 16:02
Smart thinking honey. This is a great website and I'm sure many will appreciate your tip.

Nice one! :D

23-Feb-08, 16:02
Great thinking honey, lots of us are on a budget and will find this link very usefull...Congrats on your insight to this link..Well done you..Thoughtfull as ever....

23-Feb-08, 16:03
thank you.. i just like to get a bargain and share it.. i definately get that from my granny!!!!;):lol:

23-Feb-08, 17:58
I use this site all the time its great for tips on saving money & stuff.:D

squashed frog
23-Feb-08, 18:52
I also use the MSE forums a lot and www.hotukdeals.com

23-Feb-08, 19:42
hey good reading on that site passing it on ..thanks

25-Feb-08, 10:46
im glad some people can get some use from it!

27-Feb-08, 11:15
Joined it and I'm picking up loads of tips already! Cheers honey!

27-Feb-08, 11:21
Joined it and I'm picking up loads of tips already! Cheers honey!

your welcome!! :D