View Full Version : Need recipes for someone on a budget!

23-Feb-08, 13:34
I'm currently on a budget...basically as cheap as possible to make! Something I can freeze if i make a big batch....please list as many recipes as possible. cheers

23-Feb-08, 14:26
i would suggest you watch Ready Steady Cook, they ahve a budget of 5 pound meals and they come up with good recipies. If you go to thier website for bbc they have some good recipies on there Good luck hope you find some....

23-Feb-08, 14:34
if you are on budget get yourself to Tesco's about 7pm at night and pick up the bargain meats,, fish, chicken etc that is near to sell by date and you'll save a fortune ;)

26-Feb-08, 00:09
make a big pot of soup, and freeze some. that's what i do.

26-Feb-08, 00:16
pasta pasta pasta :lol: oh and rice :lol:

mrs n
26-Feb-08, 13:36
a good lot of recipes here, scroll down and have a look