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22-Feb-08, 14:17
I have 20kgs of flour to be picked up from Derbyshire. So far, I have tried a few 'brokers' such as Interparcel and MH Direct. They both work with DHL and so far everything has been a cock up.

Does any one have a recommendation for a good courier who could do this for me.

Many thanks


22-Feb-08, 14:34
I find AJG about the best for anything heading north of Inverness. They can arrange collection from anywhere in the UK

http://www.ajgparcels.com/services.php (http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://www.ajgparcels.com/services.php)

And although I don't know what flour you are after have you tried Highland Wholefoods in Inverness? They carry a very good range of flour and are easy to deal with.


22-Feb-08, 14:44

Thanks, I'll give them a try.

Also, thanks for your tip on Highland Whole Foods as well. The flour I use has a high content of Canadian grain, which I find the best for bread making and pizza dough. The mill I buy from in Derbyshire is one of the few where I can buy it in smaller quantities, rather than by the ton. :D

All the best


23-Feb-08, 00:06
Hi, i find parcel force very good and arrange online or post office will take upto 20 kg for about 13.33

24-Feb-08, 00:28
As long as ur " flour " is canadian grain and not " columbian " grain there are plenty carriers out there , dont think ajg have connections that far south

25-Feb-08, 15:10
Looks like Parcel Force wins. :Razz

25-Feb-08, 20:58
This has been posted by others before


They are a broker for Parcel Force. Never a problem with them. Parcel force picks item up and delivers it. Just done at a fraction of the cost.