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elastic band
21-Feb-08, 15:23
does anyone know where i can buy packs of forget me not seeds in wick -i thought they might be nice to hand out at may dads funeral tomorrow but have only just thought of it so haven't got time to rush around everywhere really

thanks again everyone

21-Feb-08, 16:06
Tesco....maybe? Hope tomorrow goes ok for you and I'm thinking of you.

21-Feb-08, 16:07
Try Woolworths, they have packets of seeds just now

21-Feb-08, 16:23
Homebase have alot of new seeds in..Hope all is well tomorrow for you...

21-Feb-08, 17:33
What a beautiful idea elastic band...I would second the Woolies and Homebase suggestions as I don't think tesco stock them.

Perhaps you could phone round likely shops and explain..then they could put them aside for you simply to pick up...most people will understand how busy you are right now.

Thinking of you.

21-Feb-08, 17:54
Sorry...I should've thought of Homebase! Well, let us know if you manage to get hold of some seeds. Good luck. x

elastic band
21-Feb-08, 20:09
to everyone who replied with their ideas and good wishes for tomorrow


the whole family appreciate the advice, prayers, support and good wishes from all the orgers -you have all been a lifeline for us

22-Feb-08, 10:29
Awwww, we're all more than happy to try our best to help. You must let us know if you managed to get hold of some forget-me-nots. Shame the weather is so fierce today, but I hope everything goes as good as possible.