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21-Feb-08, 10:33
I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 camera last year...hardly used it! (specs available here http://www.camera-catalog.com/digitalcameras/manufactures/camera/panasonic_lumix_dmc-fz7 ). Please please please please could you all give me some inspirationa nd encouragement? I really want to capture some beautiful images but need ideas and inspiration!

21-Feb-08, 10:52
Just go out and look arround you! Keep your eyes open and you will see a lot of things, be it shapes, colours, textures or movement...
Most of all.... do your own thing and try and be yourself and not somebody else :-)

21-Feb-08, 10:55
That last sentence is particularly helpful! Cheers Raven! Do you have a website or online archive?

21-Feb-08, 10:58
That last sentence is particularly helpful! Cheers Raven! Do you have a website or online archive?

Yes I do have my own photography website, you can check it out at:



21-Feb-08, 11:04
AMAZING!!!!!! I especially feel captivated by the longtime exposures. I just got lost in awe on your site! WOW! Your work is amazing! Guess which screensaver I just downloaded? Hehe!

21-Feb-08, 11:17
Cheers rob16d, so you got some inspiration and ideas sooner than you thought. I will be adding more screensaver over time... so better keep a look out for them :-)

21-Feb-08, 11:19
Cool :D I bookmarked your page.........I DEFINATELY got some inspiration....might actually play about with my long exposure time (up to a minute). Oooops, sorry need my own ideas :'( ! Do you sell a lot of pictures? I expect you do!

21-Feb-08, 11:22
If you take pictures as you go about you'll be inspired.
Set time aside, there are beautiful images on a large or minute scale everywhere you go, if you have your camera with you you will be inspired by what you see when you are looking about for what to take; rather than waiting to be inspired to take the camera out. The more you do the more you'll see.

21-Feb-08, 11:29
Good suggestion! So basically be prepared eh? Cheers mate!