View Full Version : Sorry for the stupid basic question! But...

21-Feb-08, 09:03
...what is the recipe AND measurements for a basic Victoria Sponge?

21-Feb-08, 09:09
packet mix from supermarket, just add egg and water !:lol: sorry, couldnt resist, havent made one from scratch for years!!

21-Feb-08, 09:14
packet mix from supermarket, just add egg and water !:lol: sorry, couldnt resist, havent made one from scratch for years!!

Hehe! Ok no worries, at least I got a chuckle early this morning!

21-Feb-08, 09:20
http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database/victoriasponge_13555.shtml (http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database/victoriasponge_13555.shtml)

Here you go. Enjoy :)

The key is to make sure you cream the sugar and butter - if doing it by hand, its when the arm is about to fall off! Seriously, the cream and sugar goes REALLY pale and smooth in consistency.

21-Feb-08, 09:25
cheers will let you know how it goes down

21-Feb-08, 09:28
If it is something you plan on baking regularly, think about investing in an electric whisk - they aren't too expensive and save a lot of time and energy. You should be able to get one for under 10. :)

21-Feb-08, 09:38
Ok cool :) Had one a while back but it was old and eventually burned itself out! Mixture was too thick :lol:

21-Feb-08, 11:13
Mind and let us know when the sponge is ready; I'll bring the jam and cream!:lol:

21-Feb-08, 11:16
Sorry folks, change of plan.....sponge is off :'( Don't have any eggs in the house and with my sore shoulder (had to go to A & E as it was so bad) I'm not going to venture out this morn....especially in this weather.... :(

21-Feb-08, 23:42
If you like choccy and nuts, follow that recipe, but add 1oz cocoa with the flour and then add an oz or two of chopped mixed nuts.... yummy

22-Feb-08, 10:25
Hehe, ok cheers! Sad to say never got a cake made after all! :'(

23-Feb-08, 12:05
hi there

sound like your having a tough time moving into this house of yours. In need of a few thing, kitten advice, baking advice. hurting your shoulder, what happened? can you mum and dad not help you? NO brothers and sisters to help? learnt alot of cooking at school and kep a lot of recepies. I shal have a look to if i have anything you need. do you have an up to date list.

23-Feb-08, 12:39
Family never had kittens, mums a nurse so that helps! lol cheers

lynne duncan
23-Feb-08, 15:52
delia's recipe never fails everything in bowl and whisk, 4ozself raising flour, 4oz marg, 4oz caster sugar, 3 medium eggs,
put in 2 round 8in tins with greasproof paper in bottom then into oven near top for 12mins at 180oC slightly less if a fan oven
if at 12mins the top ain't springy to a light press then add another 2 mins

23-Feb-08, 21:37
4 ounces of s/r/flour 4 ounces of caster sugar 4 ounces of margarine 2 eggs and either a few drops of vanilla essence or almond essence mix it bung it in the greased sandwhich tin and bake for about 15/20 mins:)