View Full Version : TV antenna setup / roofer/ odd job man

20-Feb-08, 22:06
Hi, I recently contacted a couple of companies to drill a couple of holes in my chimney stack and attach the antenna kit complete with mounting pole and cable etc which I bought from Argos.

The first price from a Thurso based installer was so high that even my pal who was with me at the time offered to go out and buy a ladder and fit it for me. He was joking, he's not good with heights, but he would have had a lot of change left over from the purchase price of a ladder to pay for 20 minutes work.

A Wick based installer would have to travel about 300 yards from his store to fit the antenna for me and he was about half the price of the Thurso based fella and about twice what I am prepared to pay for such a simple and brief task. :)

Can anyone possibly please recommend someone who doesn't mind going up a ladder to do this for me (in Wick) as I'm not good with heights either. It is quite high, it is like a town house (ground floor, first floor, second floor) and I wouldn't wish for someone to attempt it if they didn't not feel fully confident.

I have a cordless drill, suitable drill bits, antenna kit etc but I don't have a ladder.

Thanks for reading :)
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