View Full Version : Scottish Wildcat Survey

19-Feb-08, 18:43
If anyone sees a true Scottish wildcat in the wild this year, please report it to this site.


A survey is trying to determine the population. I have never been lucky enough to see one.
More details are on the link above.

20-Feb-08, 13:24
I saw this on the 1 o'clock news yesterday kas, it was very interesting indeed. They were saying that any sightings in the wild should be reported, as they are very keen that this species should never be allowed to die out, also the interbreeding of them with domestic cats is'nt doing the purely wild cat any favours. I have to admit, i did'nt know the were just a wee bit bigger than a domestic cat, i always associated them with other wild cats ie: tigers, puma and such, size wise anyway. I keep cats myself and i have one that is the spitting image of a wildcat, perhaps that explains why she keeps the rest of them in their places, Te he.;)

21-Feb-08, 10:11
I encountered a wildcat about 6 years ago on thurso moor, reported it to the police at the time.

15-Apr-08, 13:56
i always thought that wildcats were from mainly forested areas and with very few forested areas this far north they would be quite a rarity. i shall have to keep my eyes peeled.