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01-May-03, 22:54
I hear there is a half-pipe up near the high school in Thurso, whats the deal with it, is it privatly owned or is it council owned?, also is it free to anyone that wants to ride it?..plus! is it any good?


02-May-03, 11:20
There used to be one down on Janet Street when I was a kid... is this the same one? I think that the one I remember was privately owned but open to anybody. It was inside though so it was only accessable when the owner was there... I think

02-May-03, 13:45
No it's not the same one, i dont know if that one in Janet St is still there, would be nice to know.

I checked out the one i was talking about today, it's part of the new playground area in Provost Cormack Drive, it's pretty cool, but it has quite a big copeing on it so i'm not sure how well it will ride for bikes, i think it's more for skaters, but i'm gonna give it a blast once this flippin rain stops.

As it's part of a council built play area i was wondering if Wick is getting the same thing in the new part of The Bignold Park that is being constructed just now, does anyone know??

02-May-03, 17:36
The play equipment being installed in the Bignold Park at the moment does not include any skating equipment. The community group responsible for raising the funds for this project - Wick Play Areas Community Group may look at this sometime in the future. Do you think there is a demand?
By the way the latest colour plan showing the equipment to be installed is on display in the notice board in High Street next to DE's shop.

It is worth mentioning that the neither the new Bignold Park play Area or the new one at Ormlie were funded by the council. The Ormlie Community association was responsible for their own park.

03-May-03, 13:41
Thanks for the info Allan.
Yes i do believe there would be a demand for a skate/bmx area, there are a lot of skaters in Wick and they have nowhere specific to ride, so they just end up mucking around in the market square etc, people are always complaining about teenage kids hanging around the street and they do this basically because there is nothing else for them to do, the play area only really caters for primary school kids, and having a skate/bmx area would also be promoting exercise, believe me, it's hard work, so not only would it give them something to do but it would also keep them fit, skating & bmxing is not just a fad, it's been around for over 20 years and continues to grow in popularity all the time

Could you tell me who to contact at the Wick Play Areas Community Group to maybe discuss this matter in detail??


03-May-03, 21:20

I am the chairman of the group so you can send me an e-mail. I understand that Pulteney Peoples Project are also considering trying to obtain funding for some sort of skatepark so hopefully between both groups something will get started.

Unfortunately these things take time for instance it was 2 years from Wick Play Areas Community Group's first meeting to when work started at the Bignold Park.

Points such as a suitable venue, local fund raising, demonstrating the need, lease of the ground, ongoing upkeep and a lot more need to be considered.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Allan Tait

09-May-03, 23:38
the halfpipe in janetstreet went out to someones house in reay years ago,the building in janetstreet has been a carpet shop since but in the last few days have been knocked down , to build flats i think.