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elastic band
18-Feb-08, 20:01
again orgers am looking for some help or advice -sadly my father has just passed away very suddenly and has not made a will although he has set money aside in bank for funeral expenses. Does anyone know what i do to find out if funeral director can be paid direct from bank or do i have to go through a solicitor -the bank account was in my dads name and i am his only next of kin.

It was one of those things we meant to get around to doing and now we will never have the chance -if anyone has any advice i would really be most grateful. Anyone know what a funeral costs -he doesn't have his plot bought or anything and didn't have insurance -so he just put money aside in the bank.

i miss him more than i can say

18-Feb-08, 20:20
When we went through a similar situation with my mother we simply got the bill from the undertaker & took it to the bank - they took care of it from the account directly.

We were able to do this with a number of outstanding bills in her name to ensure that the electricity wasn't switched off, etc.

Anne x
18-Feb-08, 20:23
Very similar reply to last one once you receive all the final bills in take them to your dads bank and they will help you to deal with it
sorry for your loss

elastic band
18-Feb-08, 20:39
thank you so much to those who replied -i'm very grateful

18-Feb-08, 21:42
thank you so much to those who replied -i'm very grateful

sorry for your loss

18-Feb-08, 22:54
so sorry for you Elastic Band . I had claire HARPER FOR HIMSELFS FUNERAL AND THEY saw to everything. I gave the bill to the bank and it was paid by the bank. they do not pay for stones. You could also get a grant maybe, from social security, but I did not get this.The funeral bill, for the plot, church service, charges and the funeral cars etc etc was a total of 1,600 but this was more as it was on a saturday so gravediggers etc had to be paid more. This was in November. If I can help you in any way please send me a pm.Teas etc in the Francis Street club was just over 100, very cheap and good value.

elastic band
20-Feb-08, 22:24
thank you fran -appreciate the info -am using clair harper and the royal bank have been brilliant

having everyone back to our house after funeral as dad spent so many happy times here

thank you for taking time to respond -especially when your own loss is still so raw