View Full Version : Shochads

16-Feb-08, 19:46
Dis anywan ken for sure if there are a lot more shochads winterin here now.
There are quite beeg flocks goin aboot ower ma hoose ower ae last couple o months.
A wis thinkin back till when a wis a loon and mostly there wid only be a handful that wid stae during the winter. Most wid roond up intil beeg flocks an take off sooth aroond ae October time dependin on whether id wis an early or laete backend.
Hes anywan else noticed is?

16-Feb-08, 21:10
I don't get much opportunity during the winter to observe them, but the flocks of waders (shochads and golden plovers mostly) always seem to be around on the southern outskirts of Wick and around Thrumster.
The biggest numbers in one place I know of occur on the foreshore just north of Staxigoe (around Christmas time), but I have not been that way for two or three years, so that may no longer be the case.