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01-May-03, 17:43
How can I get rid of the dandelions and nettles that are taking over my garden? I'm sure the dandelions double in number overnight! Any help would be appreciated.

01-May-03, 17:54
Have you tried weed killer ;)

01-May-03, 18:43
I would try weed killer but i can't read any of the lables as there all in German here, and I can only order wine in German and thats not much help. I was kind of hoping for a enviromentaly safe idea as I have two small children who play in the garden.

01-May-03, 18:47
if ye can only order wine in german try orderin a bottle o buckfast.Eh owld bucky kills eh brain cells so ed should do eh same for yur dandelions!!

01-May-03, 19:19
A watercan with a "dunt" of salt kills off ALL weeds, even slugs, snails etc. I have been told that if you drill into the root of a tree, fill it with salt, it will be dead in a clatter. It DEFINATELY work with weeds!!

The Loafer

01-May-03, 21:20
i agree with loafer even a spoonful on each one(even road salt) works wonders

01-May-03, 22:13
All you can really do with dandelions is dig as far down as possible to get out as much of the root as possible. As they have tap roots, if they snap whilst you are pulling them up they will carry on growing from where the root has snapped. They are easier to pull when they are just starting to grow as the tap root is only small. It is just a case of being persistent. Don't put them on a compost heap though as you will be defeating the object. As for the nettles they aren't as bad as dandelions, as you dig them out you will get most af the roots out, again persistence is the answer.

01-May-03, 22:34
Try a selective weedkiller one that you spray onto each individual offender but as others have pointed out any animals/children will have to be kept away from the sprayed area for a couple of days.Using salt is fine but may damage any grass that you are seeking to retain and also if you live adjacent to the sea many plants become salt tolerant!
The best way of all is to lift each weed taking care to get the whole root and nothing but the root!
If all else fails get a tortoise I never had a weed in the lawn during the time I had them..OK so they swiped the juiciest strawberries but it was a price worth paying.
Afraid there is no simple answer apart from HARD LABOUR! :lol:

02-May-03, 11:29
I just tackled my weeds with a blowtorch from the local garden center... all the weeds appear to be dead (for now). They will probably grow back but with my pyromaniac tendancies it was entertaining.

02-May-03, 15:14
[lol] okkkkkkkkkkk jjc I think I have discovered your identity.....I think you are MY HUSBAND

04-May-03, 10:49
Thanks for all the advice. Looks like I have a busy summer ahead if I want a nice lawn!