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15-Feb-08, 23:16
Recently had my car serviced at Dunnets,a couple of weeks later I needed a tyre changed due to a puncture. When the tyre place tried to change it they could not get the wheel off. They had to have the car back the following day and it took them ages to get it off. When I mentioned this to the Service Manager at Dunnets he said that the brakes had a visual inspection. This was without removing the wheels. Checked on Ford website and it states clearly that brakes need inspecting with all wheels off,when I told him this he denied it saying that it was not part of the service I had as it was an interim service. I repeated my concern over this and he said he would check on it. He`s the Service Manager and he doesn`t know whats involved in a service. Are the "technicians" lazy or incompetant? I paid for work that was not done, I also needed the rear brakes changing as they were worn on one side,so much for a visual inspection.The point of this rant is check work is done that you paid for,and don`t trust Dunnets. I will never let them touch my car again. Neither should you,they`ll rip you off.

15-Feb-08, 23:32
That's a shame, but...

Shouldn't this be in the recommendations forum?

15-Feb-08, 23:34
It happens all too often up here, I know form past experience.

15-Feb-08, 23:50
one of the worst things these days in garages is some technicians use air guns to tighten up wheels when they shouldnt because the airgun puts the wheel nut up really tight and it can give problems later on if u try to slacken the wheel nuts with a bar and secondly u can damage a alloy wheel if its to tight there supposed to tighten a wheel nut with a bar and then torque it and there is different types of services were it is just a visual inspection.
I dont blame the technician the technician gets a certain amount of time to do a job and most garages run buy time and cost on each job not quality for example if you pay 50 for labour the mechanic wont get extra couple hours on your car do a more quality repair or a better service he just gets a the time allocated to do it and if goes over that he will get a hardtime.

footie chick
16-Feb-08, 00:16
For tyres/punctures {IMO} I cant see past Thurso Tyre Centre have never had any problems and always had First Class service and Well within the time they've stated for doing a first class job.

{IMO wouldn't touch Dunnets with at HUGE barge pole}

16-Feb-08, 00:24
The wheels were stuck on ,all the nuts were off and the blokes at Thurso Tyres had to use hammers to get wheels off. TTC are much more helpful than Dunnets ,they done my brakes too.