View Full Version : Alert as liquid nitrogen containers washed overboard passing

25-Oct-05, 23:33
more on the orcadian website at http://www.orcadian.co.uk/

26-Oct-05, 00:23
that could be pritty cool to get that :P think of the posibilities

George Brims
26-Oct-05, 17:57
I couldn't find that article. I suppose it must have expired from the Orcadian web site.

William there are lots of possibilities with liquid nitrogen as you say. Chief among those are the possibility of frostbite, and of suffocation! It's nasty stuff if you're careless with it. A tanker load of it overturned on the freeway a few miles from my house about five years ago, and sprung a leak. The cold shattered the concrete right down to the soil underneath. They had to replace a 60 foot square section.

Sans Peur
26-Oct-05, 20:49
George, its on the "More of this weeks headlines" link at the bottom of the page.