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14-Feb-08, 16:00
has anyone or does anyone know someone who has had a wedding reception/dinner in the pentland, and what it was like

15-Feb-08, 13:06
I have been to some in the Pentland Hotel and it was really nice they did the full service also. The only thing I would advise is for you to watch your numbers as the ones I have been at there has been ample room for the guest that were at the whole wedding but not enough room for all the dance guest. But it really depends on how many people you are inviting.

16-Feb-08, 00:33
Yip, had my wedding reception in Pentland. Couldn't fault them!

24-Feb-08, 17:03
Pentland will do a really good dinner/dance just watch for numbers at the dance. Maybe no more than 150 or it just gets too cramped in the ballroom.

25-Feb-08, 23:37
Just beware of the Pentland??

Make sure you make them aware what you want for your day, they say they will do things and dont.

mums angels
25-Feb-08, 23:47
can't say about the pentland personally but can recommend you take a look at the weigh inn when we used it it was very reasoably prices ..menues, table flowers etc all in colours of your own choice included in price etc

i just wish they had the outdoor play area for the kids back then as that would have been fantastic as my wedding was full lof kiddies :lol: they catered well for the kids too with kiddies menues,plenty of highchairs and let us bring in a toy box etc to keep them all amused .

25-Feb-08, 23:51
we booked the pentland, very good prices, so thats that done

thanks for all replies:D