View Full Version : Electrical components (resistors) in Wick ?

14-Feb-08, 11:01
Hi, I need a few resistors of specific values for a very simple job I wish to do and rather than ordering online & waiting for the post I wonder if there is one in Wick who sells electrical components.

I'd be very grateful if anyone can advise.
many thanks, emb

16-Feb-08, 19:07
Try MacLeans at the Airport Industrial Estate.......we used them when we were upgrading the electrics in our house last year.

16-Feb-08, 20:09
If Wick then I would say any T.V repair workshop like Begg or Hugo if he still does repairs. What values are required?

16-Feb-08, 20:45
I got a few hanging around, what ohms you need?

17-Feb-08, 03:25
or Dave humphries in Castletown.
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