View Full Version : Who's The Boss - You Or Your Pet?

13-Feb-08, 21:27
Just in case you thought you were the one in charge of your dog, check out



And your cat...



Not sure if its silly or scary.........

13-Feb-08, 21:40
yea well aint that true....my greyhound Tomas rules the whole household xx

13-Feb-08, 21:52
Paws for thought!

13-Feb-08, 22:00
We have 4 Cats and they certainly rule the roost around here, Dexter is the worst, he can open doors and the fridge, i had to move the fridge freezer as he kept opening it and stealing all the food, he can also open the kitchen unit doors, he does this to get at the open tin of cat food, he just grabs the plastic lid and pulls it off, and he's also pretty adept at getting into the swing bin for a feast of leftovers.....he's nothing but trouble, but i wouldnt have him any other way :)

13-Feb-08, 22:45
id like to think i rule the pets but i know theres no chance of that, the dogs have selective hearing, the cats try and kill me the birds dont shut up when i tlel them to and the snakes well they are the best behaved out of the lot but they dont guch say in the matter lol

kazzii xxxxx

13-Feb-08, 23:29
i would like to think i rule the roost but that would be a lie!
My dog wakes me in the morning around 6am barking to be let out for a wee,
and i am being held hostage by a randy ferret! each time i walk across the floor he dives on me and tries to hump my foot!!
My pets definatly rule here!:roll:

14-Feb-08, 00:29
Unfortunately our dog, a beautiful Boxer has been dead for several years now. When I used to walk her up the Wick river I usually returned by the Seaforth club and went in for a pint. One day one of my friends put some beer into a clean ashtray and gave it to her, she instantly developed a taste for it. It became a regular routine, if I didn't want to go in I got dragged. She even attempted to pull my wife into the club on a walk down town one day. That led to a lot of clever explaining by me, I don't think my wife believed me though. The dog knew where the beer was kept in the house and if it was a warm day she would collect a can and drop it in front of me, at first I thought she was looking after me, but if I attempted to drink from the can first I soon got the message, low tone growls and a show of teeth worn down by collecting stones. Her dish had to be filled first.

It must have been good for her though, she lived to be 13yrs old which is rather long for a Boxer. I most definitely was her slave, my wife even got relegated to the back seat of the car as our dog sat regally in the front waving a paw as she travelled down town.

They are without a doubt our rulers, but we enjoy it, they can be great boses.

Anne x
14-Feb-08, 01:09
My 8yr old (this summer ) cocker spaniel definately rules this house She is spoilt arrogant and oh so loveable and I suppose our baby !!

14-Feb-08, 10:48
My dog used to rule the house but now after watching the dog whisperer i can honestly say that i am now the pack leader and have the respect of both my dogs....It has taken nearly 8 months of training and sticking to things with them but now i have won...

lady penelope
14-Feb-08, 20:33
My dog knows who is boss, it's my kids that need training!;)

14-Feb-08, 20:53
My labradoodle and heres proof http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/4373/maxsittingvo2.jpg