View Full Version : interested in boxing?

01-May-03, 16:25
Looking for anyone who may be interested in attending a boxing club in Caithness area, if there is enough interest it would be possible, reply with your name and any ideas you have on this subject.

01-May-03, 18:49
ah thought e boxing club wiz called e newmarket :lol:

01-May-03, 19:15
Or Skinandi's at chuckin oot time!! :D :D :D :D

tommy turtle
09-May-03, 20:53
There a guy in Dunbeath,
Dont know his name, but think he has a connection to the doctor in lybster or somewhere that runs a martial arts club doing boxing and kickboxing.

Had a look, and he aint too bad, a bit violent through for my little turtle hands...

hes got a webby, caithnessmartialarts.co.uk, although he should get of his elephant bum and update it.

The Turtle of Wibbledom......