View Full Version : Can Anyone Reccomend Tv Repairs Business

11-Feb-08, 21:51
Does anyone know of someone who can repair widescreen digital tvs

12-Feb-08, 11:45
I would recommend Colin Chessor Repairs in Thurso have had repairs done before by them and they provided an excellent service, do know he is very busy so just give them a call to see if they can help 01847 891963

22-Apr-08, 13:20
i hope you didn't have to pay too much for the repairs seeing as how Colin Chessor is you dad !! LOL :lol:

not exactly an unbiased recommendation

22-Apr-08, 13:49
Shop is called Colin Chessor Ltd. I have also had work done and had an excellent service. Have heard on the grape vine thy have a full time TV engineer starting this week.