View Full Version : Help me source pork

10-Feb-08, 22:39
My other half won a raffle yesterday and it was a large joint of pork from a producer in Canisbay. But in our haste to cook it we chucked out the label. Well I can honestly say that it was without question the best bit of pork that I have ever tasted so I need to know where I can get more. Does anyone out there know who in Canisbay sells pork? Thanks.

11-Feb-08, 10:42
That'll be Bridleway Produce, 01955 611497.

Yummy pork :Razz

11-Feb-08, 23:05
After having pork from them about a year and a half ago we have never had pork from anywhere else. Believe me its the best (try the chump chops or sausages). They really look after their piggies and they are able to go out in the fresh air all year round and are completely free range when the good weather is about.

12-Feb-08, 09:15
Sounds good, usualy get greystones pork,but would like to try Bridleway.Do they sell it in joints or do you buy a whole/half pig.My freezer a bit empty time for a top up:)

12-Feb-08, 13:42
You can buy what you want just contact them.

12-Feb-08, 13:50
Thank you wellies , will do :)