View Full Version : sky problems?

08-Feb-08, 13:46
anyone else having problems with sky just now?

08-Feb-08, 15:46
anyone else having problems with sky just now?I have just had a look and apart from some nasty looking storm clouds it seems okay.;)

Sky Customer services Free-phone Number: 0800 587 5707 then option 2, option 4.

08-Feb-08, 17:47
every time it is really windy, some channels become unwatchable. Probably need to brace the dish more firmly.

09-Feb-08, 01:18
My sky service is a real pain and has been since the beginning of December, any time there is any wind it keeps losing the signal. I also think my sky plus box is on it's last legs, does anyone know where replacements can be bought apart from ebay?

09-Feb-08, 01:24
We had problems with our sky kept doing the turning off and waiting so many minutes but still wouldn't work ended out having to get a new box and dish which cost us 65

rs 2k
09-Feb-08, 11:18
Our Dish broke and we phoned sky and they wanted 65 coz it was storm damage, they said u can claim it back off your house insurance, but why should we :roll:

So we told them just switch it off we will get a freeview box instead, then within seconds we were put through to some guy that tried to talk us out of getting it switched off, but we said no we will just get freeview instead

So coz they didn't want us to leave they said we will get a new dish for free

We had no intentions of getting freeview, but it worked :lol:

09-Feb-08, 11:29
Thanks to all.

It was very weird, good signal strength and quality, but was getting "no satellite signal is being received" for over an hour.

In the end a power off / power on and the picture was back.

I'll put it down to "local" weather :D