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elastic band
07-Feb-08, 17:50
hi folks,
does anybody know anyone in caithness (as near to wick if poss) that will give my son some help with chemistry, physics, english, maths standard grades -he sits his exams this year and as its almost prelim time i know he's going to need to work after that -don't mind if they come to us or we go to them -any names or advice much appraciated

thanks again

07-Feb-08, 22:17
Hi there i dont know anyone but has your son got the books you get out of dr simpsons,they are past standard grade papers,these really helped me pass mine,in doing my prelims i failed 3 subjects so i got these books and for my real exams i passed them all which i was so delighted about,you get books for all subjects.:)

elastic band
08-Feb-08, 19:43
Hi there,

thanks so much for reply i'll be down to Simpsons first thing tomorrow -appreciate the prompt reply. However, if anyone does know a tutor -they don't even have to be a teacher just very good at the subjects then please, please get in touch.

08-Feb-08, 20:10
I strongly reccommend doing past papers. Try and make sure they are the SQA ones. These are from exam times and not prelim ones (which are slightly different and a bit harder). Use BBC Bitesize also. It has info on these subjects.

If you can't find a tutor have an ask about your area and see if there is any 5th or 6th years there who have done these subjects and passed well.

If all else fails then give me a PM, I managed to get double 1's in all these subjects.