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07-Feb-08, 12:45
SO, its valentines day next week, (as well as hubbys birthday on the 13th), so i would love to attempt a romantic meal. I usually do steak, which we both love, but id like to try soemthing a tad different..

what are the folk on here doing (or have done) for romantic occasions??

footie chick
07-Feb-08, 23:12
Sorry but I'd go for a nice bit of fillet you cant go wrong.
For starters I'd get some flat mushrooms remove stalks and fill with stilton cheese and wrap in parma ham. Drizzle with olive oil and oven cook for about 10mins.
Don't like puddings so cant help you there.
Happy birthday/valentines when it comes.

10-Feb-08, 18:29
i wanted to do something special but im stuck for ideas please help

11-Feb-08, 15:32
If you have an idea of what ingredience you would like to use try here


for a recipe ;)

11-Feb-08, 17:25
ive been on the bbs message boards most of the day, but i prefer quite plain foods, and most people seem to have fancy tastes.. anyways om kinda thinking..

Devilled eggs for starters... not really romantic, but yummy
stuffed chicked breasts with stuffed mushrooms
and strawberries and marshmallows to dip in a toblerone/cream/brandy mixture..

thats the plan, but ill probably change it!

21-Feb-08, 10:20
Starters.......mushrooms and cheese on toast yummy!